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Product Development

   Category Appraisal

   Gaps/White Space identification

    Rapid Prototype Development 

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Advanced Sensory Research


   Claim Substantiation


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Consumer Research Tools

    Drivers of Liking/Disliking

     Concept Optimization

     Product Optimization

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Voice of the Customer

      Net Promoter Score (NPS) 



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Sense to Innovate

Sense Your Brand: Taking the right approach to product development from the beginning will give you a head start based on uncovering what matters to the consumer the most. Uncovering how consumers sense the product is key. Let us help you to identify the white “sensing” space of your product of interest. We can provide you with a “sense fingerprint” of your product and category and develop a roadmap for success.



Product Development Cycle

From Consumer Insights, Ideation,  Concept Development, Best Idea Selection, Concept Optimization, Prototype Development and Testing… Now you have a promising prototype!

What about competitive testing and  advertising claim support? Is your product a “Product Plus”? We can help you choose the right ad claim for your product and brand.



Advanced Statistics & Dashboards

From simple spreadsheets to complicated statistics, let us help you to understand and improve your product.  We can help you with data mining and interpretation, making results easy to interpret via simple and  interactive visual dashboards. We have developed top notch quantitative and qualitative analytics that help clients to understand the big picture.


Our Philosophy

We are a small company. That means we can dedicate full attention to your needs and develop best approach and solutions tailored to your project. Your goal becomes our goal. Your priority is our priority. Your success is our success.