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We can help you to “Sense your BRAND”. Why is that important? Products change, marketplace is in constant evolution. Clean ingredients substitution that maintains the same or improves the taste has become more important than ever. Mapping your competitors and understanding why they are doing so well (or not so good). Sensing your brand in the marketplace can give you the edge over your competitor.

We can help you, in English and Spanish, to:

  • Connect product formulation with sensory and consumer research
  • Develop the right claim substantiation
  • Identify the drivers or liking and disliking. Yes, disliking!

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According to a study from the University of Guelph, genetic variation in taste receptors may influence snacking patterns of preschoolers. Snacking is a substantial source of calories in preschoolers’ diets. In this study, some children with certain genotypes consumed snacks with significantly more calories from sugar, and these snacks were consumed mostly in the evening. Perhaps knowing the children’ genotype can help parents make better decisions related to buying healthier snacks and best times for snacking during the day.

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Many new applications aim to make information systems and machines identify their users and take their individual needs and emotions into account. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd studied how ordinary consumers could reliably verify the operation of systems by using human senses.

“Augmented and virtual reality technologies let us make fuller use of our senses and enable the constant mutual evaluation of reliability between humans and machines”, says Senior Scientist Kimmo Halunen of VTT.

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Carianne Luter,  Associate producer at news4ajax, wrote a very interesting article regarding e-cigarettes. in that article, he mentions the following: “Researcher Jonathan Grigg, professor of pediatric respiratory and environmental Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said the study shows that vaping, especially in the long term, could raise the risk of bacterial lung infection.” Carianne’s article is based on a study published by the National Academies of Sciences. According to this study, e-cigarettes are potentially acting as a gateway to conventional smoking in youth and young adults

Although it may seem early to judge the long time effects of e-cigarettes, we need to start wondering if the perception of e-cigarettes is a “healthy vapor” habit, especially by the most vulnerable population: teenagers. Teenagers are the future but they seem to just be trapped in the same cycle of “smoking” but now we call it “vapor”. It is unfortunate that vaping comes in different “flavors” like vanilla, cinnamon and buttery flavors. Let’s think about vanilla, probably one of the most common flavors we are exposed starting at a very early age. Cinnamon? Well, that is the aroma everybody smells when they go to the Mall. And buttery flavors? Really? Who has not been exposed to butter popcorn in theaters and even a simple toast with butter? Will love to hear your perspective on this.


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A new study adds to growing evidence on the harmful health effects of e-cigarettes. The study finds that exposure to commonly used e-cigarette flavoring chemicals and liquids can cause significant inflammation to monocytes, a type of white blood cell. Moreover, many flavoring compounds are toxic, with cinnamon, vanilla and buttery flavors among the worst. It also finds that mixing e-cigarette flavors has a much worse effect than exposure to just one.


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