Carianne Luter,  Associate producer at news4ajax, wrote a very interesting article regarding e-cigarettes. in that article, he mentions the following: “Researcher Jonathan Grigg, professor of pediatric respiratory and environmental Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said the study shows that vaping, especially in the long term, could raise the risk of bacterial lung infection.” Carianne’s article is based on a study published by the National Academies of Sciences. According to this study, e-cigarettes are potentially acting as a gateway to conventional smoking in youth and young adults

Although it may seem early to judge the long time effects of e-cigarettes, we need to start wondering if the perception of e-cigarettes is a “healthy vapor” habit, especially by the most vulnerable population: teenagers. Teenagers are the future but they seem to just be trapped in the same cycle of “smoking” but now we call it “vapor”. It is unfortunate that vaping comes in different “flavors” like vanilla, cinnamon and buttery flavors. Let’s think about vanilla, probably one of the most common flavors we are exposed starting at a very early age. Cinnamon? Well, that is the aroma everybody smells when they go to the Mall. And buttery flavors? Really? Who has not been exposed to butter popcorn in theaters and even a simple toast with butter? Will love to hear your perspective on this.


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